Dexe has always been the top priority for those who choose to purchase authentic Dexe products.

         In order to prevent Dexe products from being counterfeited, our strategy is to print the Dexe logo on the outer packaging of the product. Not only that, but we also decided to use “anti-counterfeit labels” on the packaging to further anti-counterfeiting.

        Our partners and consumers can check the authenticity of the product at any time on the Dexe product authenticity website. It is dangerous to use non-genuine. Therefore, please make sure that you only use genuine Dexe products with anti-counterfeit labels.

        Here are a few ways we can help you identify the authenticity of your Dexe product.

Here is some video to show how to check Dexe authentic :

1、Dexe black hair shampoo:     

2、Dexe anti-hair loss shampoo:   

3、Subaru black hair shampoo:    


Scan the QR code


Check carefully with the box packing



Check the material inside